3 contracts that will pay off big-time for the Denver Broncos

-Two decisions along the OL were excellent moves

-Boosting the defensive line

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3 contracts that will pay off big-time for the Denver Broncos

3. Signing Frank Clark

The Denver Broncos didn't do much to improve their pass rush from last year, which was among the league's worse. It took a Baron Browning injury for them to do something, but their decision to sign Frank Clark is a solid one. Clark may have been the best pass rusher left on the market and is filled with a ton of veteran experience.

He's also a former Kansas City Chief, which I think is a nice bonus. Clark is projected to start on the defensive line with DJ Jones and Zach Allen, but he also has the ability to play as a stand-up pass rusher. Over the course of his NFL career, Clark has 58.5 total sacks in the regular season, with two years of having double-digit sacks.


Over the course of a 17-game season, Clark has averaged eight tackles, nine tackles for loss, and 19 QB hits, so the Broncos are getting some legitimate production here. I also like that he's been to the playoffs and has won a Super Bowl before, so he can bring a different mentality to a playoff-starved team.

The Broncos also signed him for cheap, too. He signed a one-year deal worth just $5.4 million. That really is nothing. If Clark finishes with eight sacks on the season, Denver would be paying just $675,000 per sack. Take a look at how much the top EDGE rushers in the NFL make. This could be a very good deal for the Denver Broncos.

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