3 College QBs who could start for Broncos if Russell Wilson leaves

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3) Bo Nix, Oregon

Enter Bo Nix, college football's elder statesman. Nix is 23 and is on his way to being 24 before the NFL Draft next spring. Nix, originally an Auburn product, is now in his second year at Oregon and has the Ducks firmly in the hunt to make the College Football Playoffs. Nix, a five-year veteran of college football, is arguably the most dependable quarterback in college football year-over-year.

Nix has thrown for over 12,500 yards in his college career, compiling 85 touchdowns and just 24 interceptions. So far in his second senior year, Nix has thrown for 1,796 yards, 17 touchdowns, and just one interception and has the Ducks in the AP Top-25.

Nix, who has the feel of a smaller quarterback, comes in at 6'2 and 215 pounds. However, the deception of Nix's size comes with his strong running game. Nix has run for just under 1,500 yards in his college career, hitting the endzone 33 times. Overall, that gives Nix over 14,000 yards in his college career with 118 total touchdowns.


Nix has been a scoring machine, leading a team that is consistently ranked in the top-25, and has been conservative with the ball. Arguably the main knock on Nix is that he will be 24 by the time the next NFL season starts, and will be entering his prime years quickly after being drafted. If Nix continues to play at the level he is and the board falls a certain way for the Broncos, the Ducks' quarterback could become a target for the next quarterback in Denver.

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