3 changes Denver Broncos must make if they lose in Week 4

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3) Fire Vance Joseph

If the Broncos are sellers and de-commit from their plan for 2023 this early, it will be largely due to the failures of the defense, which start with coordinator Vance Joseph. Somehow, Joseph's second stint in Denver might be worse than his first. His defense struggled against the Raiders, completely folded in the second half against Sam Howell and the Commanders, gave up the 2nd most points in NFL history to Tua and the Dolphins, and a loss to the struggling Justin Fields and dysfunctional Bears should just about wrap up his second stint in Denver.

While the parameters of his contract are not yet publicly known, it would be hard to imagine that the contract for Joseph is easy to move on from just four games in, but special circumstances call for special action. Joseph's defense is the worst in football to this point and has shown little to no life in five of their six quarters of play so far.


An uninspiring defense that is the worst in football and has no energy is a horrible situation for the Broncos. If the Broncos are committing to a new beginning and throwing away the remainder of the 2023 season, they need to strip down and rebuild the defense. That begins with coaching and leadership. The Broncos need to fire Vance Joseph if they lose in Week 4 in Chicago.

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