3 Buffalo Bills players the Broncos should steal in 2024

The Denver Broncos should get petty!

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2. Dawson Knox, TE (trade candidate)

Dawson Knox's cap hit more than doubles next year to over $14 million, and he was essentially replaced when the Buffalo Bills selected Dalton Kincaid in the 2023 NFL Draft. Knox was virtually nonexistent in the passing game this year, amassing just 186 receiving yards. However, during the 2021 and 2022 seasons, Knox combined for 97 receptions, 1,104 yards and 15 touchdowns.

He is a quality target, but just does not have a path forward on the Buffalo Bills, in my opinion. The Denver Broncos cannot seem to get their tight end spot right, and the team was surely hoping that second-year TE Greg Dulcich would have taken the next step, but injuries limited him to just a couple of games.

And Adam Trautman is not a starting-caliber TE in the NFL. Something would have to change with Knox's contract to facilitate a trade, but the Bills wouldn't really have a ton of leverage in that scenario. His high cap hit is going to limit Buffalo, and they desperately need any cap savings they could find. Sending a late-round pick over to the Bills to acquire Knox on a reduced number would be a smart move for the team to make.

Even with this hypothetical trade, the Broncos should still look to further bolster their TE room. Lucas Krull got a bit of action this year and did look promising, and even with Chris Manhertz under contract through 2024, Denver should keep taking swings with this position. I think a trade for Dawson Knox would be a fine start.

And if we're being honest, anything the team gets from Greg Dulcich in 2024 should be viewed as a bonus.