3 Broncos with the most to gain (& 2 with most to lose) in second half of 2023

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2) Lloyd Cushenberry, C

Lloyd Cushenberry is in a very interesting spot regarding his time in Denver. His rookie deal is up following the 2023 season, but there is no clear indication of the team going either way with his future. Cushenberry struggled mightily in 2022 and then missed almost the entire second half of the year with an injury. However, the LSU product has been far from an issue for the Broncos in 2023. The center has provided the Broncos with stability up the middle, alongside Quinn Meinerz and Ben Powers. However, Cushenberry's Broncos tenure has been an uncertain one that has been inconsistent, at best, both with talent and with injury concerns.

The Broncos, mainly on the offensive side of the ball, are at a point where the scheme and desires of the new coaching regime might not completely line up with the current roster that is on the field. Cushenberry has 11 more games left on his Broncos contract, and there is nothing to point to a new deal.


Since Cushenberry joined the Broncos, the team now has a new head coach, offensive coordinator, and offensive line coach. The fact is that no one in the Broncos' current brain trust has any ties to Lloyd aside from this year If Cushenberry's second half is a strugglesome one, it would not be a shock to see a new man at center for the Broncos in 2024.

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