3 Broncos with the most to gain (& 2 with most to lose) in second half of 2023

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As the 2023 season hits its midpoint, the Denver Broncos begin to contemplate selling off pieces before the 2023 NFL trade deadline. As the deadline approaches and players are sold off, younger players looking to gain a footing in the NFL will be challenged to step into a new role and try to become a mainstay on the team.

Here are three Broncos who need to step up and finish the year strong, because they have the most to gain following the NFL Trading Deadline.

Denver Broncos players with the most to gain

1) Marvin Mims Jr., WR

Mims should see an expanded role on the Broncos in the second half of 2023, regardless of who they do and do not move at the deadline. Mims currently ranks third on the Broncos in receiving yards, despite having fewer catches than any of their main offensive targets. Mims has been an explosive threat for the Broncos this year, but somehow is still struggling to attract targets from Russell Wilson and Sean Payton. Mims one downside, so far, has been his hands. The rookie has multiple fumbles on the year, both on the offensive and special teams side of the ball.

Mims will benefit from one or two Bronco receivers being out the door by the time the deadline passes. The Broncos are said to be open to moving one of their two top receivers, with Jerry Jeudy being the likely one to go. If Jeudy moves, the obvious immediate fix would be to install Mims as one of the Broncos' two top receivers.

Mims, much like Jeudy, is an explosive receiver who can make magic happen when he is in the open field and can find his way to the open field when not designed to be there. Mims can become an important piece and a weapon who can find his spot in Denver.