3 Broncos who deserve more snaps after huge win vs. Browns

Which Denver Broncos players need to play more going forward?

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3. Marvin Mims, Wide Receiver

We are once again asking for Marvin Mims to get some more playing time.

Actually, even though Mims didn't get the ball every time he was on the field, it did look like the Broncos significantly ramped up his snap count in this game against the Browns. We'll check the snap counts as soon as they're released, but I saw Mims on the field for a number of plays where he was blocking downfield on some of the Broncos' nice run plays in this game.

And that's part of what makes Mims so effective. His speed being on the field forces defenses to respect him as a vertical threat, and it makes it hard to load the box against the run, especially with the way the Broncos have worked against teams that come heavy in the blitz department the last handful of weeks.

But we saw Mims working in this game on the jet sweep again, which was successful for basically the first time all season. We saw him make an outstanding adjustment on a ball thrown by Russell Wilson that was actually tipped, and we saw him with another catch as well in this game.


It was another great reminder of just how dynamic Mims is and what kind of a weapon he's capable of being for this offense as a whole. You undoubtedly want to see the Broncos give him more and more chances, especially pushing the ball downfield.

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