3 Broncos starters in 2023 the team needs to replace in 2024

The Denver Broncos are currently riding a five-game win streak. However, there are a few positions that need to be improved upon next year

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The Denver Broncos need to improve along the interior defensive line...

Jonathan Harris is listed as a starter along the defensive line next to DJ Jones and Zach Allen. That isn't cutting it. And yes, depending on what kind of defensive package they are in, you may see a ton more combinations along the DL that include guys like Mike Purcell, Matt Henningsen, and Elijah Garcia.

However, the Denver Broncos need another quality body along the IDL for 2024. They cannot go into next season with their current DL rotation. It's simply not good enough. Denver has a pretty bad run defense and also does lack a consistent pass-rush threat from the inside as well. Someone who would be the biggest prize next year would be Kansas City Chiefs' DT Chris Jones, who has played all along the DL and is a free agent in 2024.

Danielle Hunter is also a free agent in 2024 and has played down along the defensive line before. Leonard Williams is another name. There's also the NFL Draft to find more juice along the DL as well. I think you see my point. I'd even go as far as to say the Broncos could move on from DJ Jones next offseason and do a more comprehensive rebuild down in front.


Zach Allen has been very good lately and already has seven tackles for loss and 16 QB hits in 2023. He's still 26 years old and is going to be here for a while, hopefully. I do think, however, that the other two positions along the DL are going to look different in 2024.

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