3 Broncos players who might be safe in 2024 with salary cap increase

A few players on the Denver Broncos might now be safe after the recent news of the salary cap figure for 2024.

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3. Justin Simmons, S

One move that might be unpopular is the team moving on from Justin Simmons this offseason. I have vouched for it, as it'd bring the team much needed cap savings and would also be doing right by Simmons, given that the Broncos trade him to a viable team.

Simmons had another strong year in 2023 and could certainly fetch a third-round pick. He turns 31 during the 2024 NFL Season and likely isn't going to be in the team's long-term plans, and at this point with the Broncos roster needing a ton of help, paying a safety at the top of the market is not exactly something they should be doing.

Anyway, Simmons might have a desire to remain in Denver for the future to finally be apart of the team that turns it around. You never know what conversations have been had in the Broncos facilities. Maybe Sean Payton and George Paton had previously decided that they were going to try to trade Justin Simmons for the reasons I just outlined.


A trade in 2024 would save the Denver Broncos $14.5 million in 2024, which is significant savings. With the cap being roughly $13 million higher than what originally thought, the Broncos, more or less, already have those cap savings that they would have gotten from trading Justin Simmons.

This could keep him on the roster in 2024 and beyond.

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