3 Broncos players on their way to being cut in 2024

A few Broncos players are on their way out the door in 2024...

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3. Damarri Mathis, CB

Damarri Mathis had an encouraging rookie season, filling in as the starter opposite Patrick Surtain II after former Bronco Ronald Darby tore his ACL. On a side note, Darby is having an excellent season with the Baltimore Ravens for pennies. I am still mad that the Broncos did not bring him back on a cheap deal.

Well, Mathis was terrible to begin the season and was eventually benched for veteran CB Fabian Moreau, who has had a strong season. In fact, I think Denver keys in on bringing Moreau back. They also have stud slot CB Ja'Quan McMillian. Surtain is obviously not going anywhere, and there's also rookie CB Riley Moss in the mix.

I think by the time 2024 rolls around, Mathis could be buried in the depth chart. Denver should bolster this room a bit in the 2024 NFL Draft, and unless Mathis makes an insane jump in year three, I think his roster spot is gone. Perhaps the Broncos think Damarri Mathis can play safety. I guess that is always a possibility, but for now, his play in 2023 might earn him a spot in free agency in 2024

When you're playing CB alongside Patrick Surtain II, the best CB in the NFL, you are bound to have a ton of footballs thrown your way. And based on this table below, Moreau is having a strong season:

This table organizes cornerbacks by man coverage separation prevented and zone coverage separation prevented. If you don't know where to look, CBs definitely want to be in the top right quadrant, as that means they excel in both man and zone coverage. And the Broncos actually have all of Surtain, McMillian, and Moreau in that top right quadrant, which is excellent.


Damarri Mathis isn't far behind, but I think we all saw how poor he has played this year thus far and I don't think he's going to be in the team's plans in 2024.

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