3 Broncos players on the chopping block after mandatory minicamp in 2024

The heat is being turned up on a handful of Broncos players
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3. Greg Dulcich, tight end

Rod Smith once famously said that you can't make the club from the tub, or something like that, and that truth remains today. Actually, we can modify it even just a little bit to say that you can't help the club from the tub, meaning that you can't help the team if you're always on the injured list.

Greg Dulcich doesn't want to be injured. He doesn't want to have to deal with hamstring and foot issues. We all get that. But at what point are the Denver Broncos going to have to simply move on from Greg Dulcich?

In reality, it won't likely be this year. The alternatives for the team just are not there. The Broncos prioritized bringing Adam Trautman back into the mix this year and signed him to a two-year contract. Head coach Sean Payton was rather impressed with Lucas Krull earlier in OTAs, and you have to figure the Broncos are going to get him as involved as possible this year.

Even still, injuries happen all the time in the NFL and someone like Greg Dulcich isn't just going to be cut for the sake of it. The Broncos are invested in his recovery process and he has two years left on his rookie deal. But from the fans' perspective, Dulcich is very much on the proverbial chopping block. Most fans already don't trust that he's going to be able to contribute at all, and his absence all throughout OTAs and mandatory minicamp due to a foot injury certainly didn't give him much perceived momentum this offseason.

Dulcich needs to have a good training camp, and most importantly, he needs to stay healthy.