3 Broncos performing themselves out of a gig for 2024

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3) Vance Joseph

Vance Joseph's defense got off to a historically bad start in 2023. The team, as you might have heard by now, allowed 70 points in Miami in week three. Before that, a second half defensive collapse gave the Commanders a big win in Denver. After the Miami game, the Broncos played a few months of incredible defense.

The Broncos became a takeaway machine, and the defense propelled the team from a 1-5 start to a 7-6 record, and the heart of the playoff race. However, the defense was demolished on the national stage against the Lions, allowing over 40 points.

The following week, the Broncos allowed Patriots quarterback Bailey Zappe to make meaningful progress against them, throwing for over 250 yards, two touchdowns, and did not turn the ball over. Zappe, the following week against the Bills, would throw three picks, and did not complete a touchdown pass.


When the Broncos needed their defense to play at its best against one of the NFL's worst offenses, Vance Joseph's defense folded against the team with arguably the worst quarterback situation in football. Ultimately, despite the nice progress the unit made, Vance Joseph might not be able to withstand the impacts of the defense's struggles that will bookend the season. Plus, it is no secret that Joseph was not Sean Payton's first choice for defensive coordinator. Ultimately, Joseph could be on his way to coaching elsewhere in 2024.

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