3 Broncos performing themselves out of a gig for 2024

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2) Jerry Jeudy

There might be a good chance that Jerry Jeudy is playing his final game with the Broncos this week. Jeudy, despite putting up a 1,000 scrimmage-yard season in 2022 with Russell Wilson, has been a secondary piece this year behind Courtland Sutton. Through 15 games, Jeudy has amassed just 679 receiving yards on 51 receptions and has taken just one in for six. Jeudy's role has diminished in Denver and is set to hit the open market following the 2024 season.

Jeudy makes a ton of sense for Denver as a trade candidate. For one, Jeudy is one for just one more year. His value as a rental could be strong enough to bring in a solid return for any team that needs receiving help. Jeudy could also bring back the Broncos strong draft capital, which would be something that could benefit the Broncos as they head into the cap issues that will result from releasing Russell Wilson.

The Broncos do not hold a 2nd round pick in 2024, but packaging Jeudy with another pick in the later rounds could help the Broncos net a stronger return for the 4th year receiver out of Alabama. Jeudy could be on his way out the door in Denver.