3 bold predictions for rest of Denver Broncos 2023 season

Could the Denver Broncos go on a run after their bye week?

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In Week 8, the Denver Broncos earned a win versus the Kansas City Chiefs, and it was the type of win that could be the catalyst for a major turnaround after the team's bye week. The Broncos are still 3-5, yes, but coming off of two straight wins and beating the Chiefs has this team feeling pretty good about themselves.

Conversely, the Las Vegas Raiders have lost two in a row and are 3-5. It's a much different feeling and momentum is real in the NFL. The Broncos may also not do much at the trade deadline, instead holding firm and trying to make something out of this season, which has new life. The Broncos' bye week comes in Week 9, so it's right in the middle of the season.

Denver plays nine games after their break, including four at home and five on the road. They do appear to have some very winnable games left as well. Right now, there is reason to believe that this team could get something going. Let's make three bold predictions for the rest of the Broncos' 2023 season.

3 bold predictions for rest of Denver Broncos 2023 season

1. Broncos WIN the rest of their home games

Depending on if Deshaun Watson plays for the Cleveland Browns in Week 2, Denver could have a not-so-tough home schedule remaining. They face off against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 11, Browns in Week 12, New England Patriots in Week 16, and Los Angeles Chargers in Week 17. Given that all teams are currently pretty average or below average in their current states, I'd feel pretty comfortable picking the Broncos in each game if current trends hold.

Giving the Broncos at least four more wins puts them at seven on the season without considering their five away games after the bye.