3 Bold Predictions for the Denver Broncos Week 1 vs. Raiders

Are the Denver Broncos going to blow out the Raiders? How is Week 1 going to go?

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3) Russell Wilson Throws Over 300 Yards, At Least Three Touchdowns

One thing will be true about the 2023 Denver Broncos, no matter what way you view the team: The Broncos will go as Russell Wilson goes. If Russell Wilson can turn around his play and rebound from his 2022 campaign, the Broncos will likely end their season with a large level of improvement from last year.

However, if Russ turns in a similar season, the Broncos will experience more of what they dealt with last year, assuming that the Broncos don't bench Wilson for Jarrett Stidham at that point.

However, the Broncos have plenty of reason for optimism at the quarterback position. The Raiders ended 2022 with one of the worst passing defenses in football, allowing the 5th most passing yards in the NFL. The Broncos will have their choice of attack method against the Raiders, but the foes in Las Vegas figure to be more susceptible to the pass again this year, as opposed to the run.


Still expect a busy day for the Broncos' backfield, but the Broncos' offensive brain trust might look to the pass for their points and big plays more than they do the run game. If this turns out to be the case, expect busy days for Marvin Mims, Courtland Sutton, and Greg Dulcich. In this scenario, Russ would have a big game and put up some large numbers that we have not seen him do as a Bronco. Look for Russ to cook, and put up over 350 yards while notching at least 3 touchdowns in the 2023 season opener.

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