3 Bold Predictions for the Denver Broncos 2023 NFL Draft

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3. George Paton Trades Into the First Round

If one thing should be apparent about the Denver Broncos and the draft, it should be to never count out Trader George. George Paton has made several trades since taking over the Broncos, and no one loves accumulating draft picks more than he does. However, this could be the year that the Broncos shed picks to move the Broncos up from their current first pick at number 67.

The Broncos would likely only move into the first if the right player became available, but as happens every year, good players fall in the draft. After their luxurious free agency spending, the Broncos still have a hole in the inside of their offensive line, mainly center.

There has been some rumbling of guard Quinn Meinerz being willing to switch to center if the Broncos could find the perfect fit at guard. Additionally, some mock drafts have recently had North Dakota State interior lineman Cody Mauch in the later half of the first round. If Mauch begins to slip and makes it to the back end of the first, would George Paton move into the first to solidify his offensive line?

Trader George always has something up his sleeve, so it might be best to never say never.

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