3 Biggest winners, 4 losers from Broncos first depth chart

- Greg Dulcich TE2?

- UDFA standout buried?

- Which players are winners and losers on the initial Denver Broncos depth chart?

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Depth chart "loser": Montrell Washington, wide receiver/returner

From the sounds of things, Montrell Washington has had a pretty outstanding training camp up to this point. The second-year player out of Samford has been making plays both as a receiver and returner, and we're all excited to see him play in the preseason.

But he's buried on the initial depth chart. He's at the very back end of the wide receiver rotation as of right now, clearly behind guys like Kendall Hinton, Marquez Callaway, Lil'Jordan Humphrey, and Jalen Virgil. Washington's placement on the initial depth chart screams, "This guy is going to have to have a big preseason."

He's also listed behind rookie Marvin Mims as the Broncos' top kick and punt returner right now. It's safe to say that Montrell Washington will have to make a lot more plays in the preseason to earn a spot on this Denver Broncos team.

Depth chart "loser": Albert Okwuegbunam, tight end

Arguably the biggest "loser" of the initial depth chart release was Albert Okwuegbunam. As much as we've been rooting for the guy, a change of scenery may be the only way out of this rut that he seems to be in. Okwuegbunam was listed as the 5th tight end on the depth chart, behind rookie free agent Nate Adkins.

Other than being benched for no reason last year, this might be a low point for Okwuegbunam in his time with the Denver Broncos. He's obviously going to have to go out and prove that he still has value to the other 31 teams in the NFL because right now, his placement on the Denver Broncos' roster seems non-existent.


Could a big preseason change that? Perhaps, but this placement on the depth chart definitely reflects that Okwuegbunam is on the outside looking in.

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