3 big regrets the Denver Broncos should have in 2023

Even though the team is surging, they most definitely should regret a few things in 2023.

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The Denver Broncos are currently riding a three game winning streak, but the team is far from perfect and certainly have some regrets thus far in the 2023 NFL Season. The Broncos by no means had a perfect offseason nor have they had a seamless start to the season. The defense, even though they've played very well, still has some questions, and the offense is largely inconsistent.

With that said, the Broncos are 4-5 and do have two very winnable games in Weeks 11 and 12. Denver can realistically get to 6-5 and would probably be in a playoff spot at that point. The team definitely has their work cut out for them after the stretch of two home games, though, as they then have three straight away games against the Texans, Chargers, and Lions.

Anyway, let's look at three big regrets the Denver Broncos should have in 2023.

3 big regrets the Denver Broncos should have in 2023
The Denver Broncos probably regret paying Mike McGlinchey

Mike McGlinchey hasn't been too good this year. According to Pro Football Reference, McGlinchey has been called for six false start penalties, and according to PFF.com, he's allowed five sacks. While he seems to have gotten better over the last couple of weeks, I don't think he's playing close to the $87.5 million contract he signed with the Broncos.

According to Overthecap.com, his valuation in 2023 is just $7.9 million, which is less than half of his $17.5 average annual value. Here's a snippet of what they said.

"The diamond is a scatterplot graph that visualizes the relation of the player's APY (in green) and performance (in blue, as measured by OTC's Valuations) to the rest of the league at his position. To understand how to read the diamond, read this explainer."

Over The Cap

Basically, he's playing at a $7.9 million level, and it shows at times. Honestly, the team should have re-signed Cameron Fleming as they did, stuck him at RT, and taken a developmental prospect in 2023. That would have been a better solution than throwing money at Mike "McFlinchey."