3 best-case scenarios for Denver Broncos in Week 5 vs. Jets

Best-case scenarios for the Denver Broncos vs. the New York Jets in Week 5
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3) McLaughlin Provides Another Strong Back Option

The running back position has been an interesting one for the Broncos since their loss in Oakland in 2022. Since Javonte Williams suffered a massive knee injury that ended his 2022 campaign, the Broncos have made massive question marks in the backfield. The team brought in the likes of Latavius Murray and Marlon Mack to end the 2022 season, but neither returned for 2023. They signed veteran back Samaje Perine to work with Williams in 2023, and the former Bengal has proved important so far. However, with Williams leaving week four injured after missing almost all of 2022, it is fair to question how Williams factors into the Broncos' plans beyond this upcoming game.

Enter Jaleel McLaughlin. McLaughlin got his largest share of snaps in his young career and did not let the opportunity pass him by. McLaughlin ran the ball seven times for 72 yards, including his first career rushing touchdown.


On the other side of the offense, McLaughlin brought in three passes for 32 yards. Overall, McLaughlin had 104 total yards for the Broncos in his biggest game yet. McLaughlin poses a much different skill set than Perine or Williams, and with the possibility that the Broncos take a rehabbing Williams slow due to how many games he missed in 2022, it is possible that the Broncos rely heavily on McLaughlin again in week five, giving him a second straight game with a large workload, and giving him the chance to move up the Broncos depth chart and give them a true tri-threat backfield.

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