3 best-case scenarios for the Denver Broncos in Week 3

Denver Broncos
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3) Overall Consistency

The Broncos need to play a complete game on Sunday, going the distance in all 60 minutes. They've shown bits and pieces and some inconsistency, but have yet to put together a full game. Until they do so, it's hard to imagine that the Broncos are going to amount to much of anything this year.

The defense is showing serious cracks, the offense has shown some strong signs but then stalled out, and the special teams have felt hit or miss through their first two games. If the Broncos want to see one added to the win column, they need to play a complete game, especially against a Miami team that figures to be one of the better units in football this year.


If the Broncos can't do that, expect another loss, but this one far uglier than the ones before. Until they play a complete game, the Broncos are looking towards the 2024 season and the 2024 draft with their own first-round pick for the first time since the Russell Wilson trade, back in 2022.

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