3 areas the Broncos must improve to avoid 2023 disaster

Where do the Broncos need to improve to avoid utter disaster in 2023?

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3) Turnover Differential

The 2022 Broncos turned the ball over 24 times, the 7th worst mark in the NFL. They managed to take the ball away 23 times, setting themselves up with a -1 turnover differential. While this mark sat near the middle of the NFL pack, it was another year in which the Broncos missed the playoffs and did not have a positive turnover differential. Simply put, if you can't protect and take away the ball, you can't win.

The Broncos' 23 takeaways felt like an impressive mark considering they did not play the flashiest of defenses. At the same time, their turnover mark of 24 feels light considering how abysmal the offensive unit was as a whole. In takeaways, they ranked 15th best. However, in turnovers, the 2022 team ranked 7th worst.


If the Broncos have aspirations of playoffs in 2023 and beyond, the team needs to cut back on turnovers while increasing their mark of takeaways. The takeaway mark is respectful, and falls in line with how the defensive unit played in 2022, but a middle-of-the-pack takeaway unit and a bottom-of-the-league turnover machine make for a negative turnover differential. The 2023 Broncos must rectify that.

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