3 areas the Broncos must improve to avoid 2023 disaster

Where do the Broncos need to improve to avoid utter disaster in 2023?
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2) Touchdowns

The 2022 Broncos did not score points. The Broncos scored the least amount of points in the NFL last year, bringing in just 287 points over the course of the year. On average, they scored 16.9 points a game. They were the only team in football to not average at least 17 points a game. The Broncos only scored 18 passing touchdowns on the year, and only 11 rushing touchdowns.

If the Broncos plan on rebounding in 2023, they need to score more points. The 2022 unit was futile in the red zone, was near the top of the league in total punts, racked up the three-and-outs, and struggled in the turnover department. All of those factors counted into the Broncos not scoring a ton in 2022, but all of those need to be improved on in 2023.

Most notably, the Broncos struggled in the red zone in 2023. Under new coaching, a healthy Javonte Williams, and with a better offensive line, the Broncos should be able to rebound nicely in the touchdown department in 2023. As everyone knows, you can't win in the NFL if you can't score.