3 AFC West rivals Broncos could pursue in 2024 free agency

The Denver Broncos could get spicy in free agency next year

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Chiefs' P Tommy Townsend is a premier punter in the NFL...

Tommy Townsend has been one of the best punters in the NFL since entering the league, and he's far better than Riley Dixon. During the 2023 season, Townsend is averaging 47.3 yards per punt and 41.7 net yards per punt. His longest punt on the season is 68 yards. As for Dixon, he's averaged 45.2 yards per punt and 40.5 net yards per punt. His longest on the season is also 68 yards.

In terms of career averages, Townsend averages 47.5 yards per boot and 42.9 net yards per boot, while Dixon averages 45.7 yards per boot and 40.7 net yards per boot. It's clear that Townsend is the more efficient player, and I'd think that his punts would travel even farther in the thin Denver air.


The Broncos did re-make their specialist room in 2023, bringing in Dixon and stud kicker Will Lutz. Well, why not have the best K/P duo in the NFL with Lutz and Townsend for 2024? Lutz will also need a new contract, and I think he's going to be a top priority, but I don't see why the team couldn't also pursue Tommy Townsend.

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