3 AFC West moves that would spell disaster for the Broncos

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The bulk of the roster maneuvering is over, but we still have the 2023 NFL Draft and the free agency wave after that. What three AFC West moves would spell disaster for the Broncos?

Even though Denver has largely done well this offseason, much is left to happen. The 2023 NFL Draft is likely going to be a disadvantage for the Broncos, as their three AFC West foes all have their first round picks, and two of them were in the playoffs last year.

Denver might have a chance to make a big move in the draft or even in the wave of free agency after that, but what three AFC West moves could spell disaster for the Denver Broncos?

3 AFC West moves that spell disaster for the Denver Broncos
1. Las Vegas Raiders draft Anthony Richardson

This would be terrible news for the Denver Broncos. The Las Vegas Raiders have the seventh overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and have been connected to quarterbacks all offseason. They signed Jimmy Garoppolo to a three year contract, but I think we all know he is not a long-term option.

Josh McDaniels worked wonders with a rookie Mac Jones in 2021 and seems to be a very strong offensive mind. If there's a handful of people who can develop Anthony Richardson, it's McDaniels, unfortunately.

Richardson might enter the NFL as the single best athlete at the position in the history of the NFL, and that isn't a hyperbole.

He's "raw" as some might call it, but if Richardson can sit for a year or so behind Garoppolo and a strong offensive guidance, he could do some serious damage in the division, and that would give the Broncos the worst QB situation in the division by a mile.