2024 NFL Draft: 3 biggest needs for the Broncos besides quarterback

Beyond QB, what else do the Broncos need?

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2. Interior Defensive Line

A bad unit entering the offseason that didn't get better, the interior defensive line is just flat-out uninspiring and lacks the necessary push and ability to stop the run to be viable in the NFL. According to ESPN, the Denver Broncos' projected starting defensive line is Zach Allen, DJ Jones, and Matt Henningsen. Yuck. Zach Allen is very good, but there is no other viable starter within this unit besides him.

I am confused beyond belief that the Broncos didn't address this unit beyond the signing of Malcolm Roach, who is an oft-injured DT who can stop the run well. He's not moving the needle in that unit, and it's still a horribly urgent need for the Denver Broncos. Some of the best free agents along the defensive line are gone, so Denver should turn to the 2024 NFL Draft to fix this unit.

Guys like T'Vondre Sweat and Braden Fiske would be wonderful additions if Denver could get into the second round. The defensive line as a whole is well represented in the NFL Draft, so Denver could find some mid-round talent there, and it's needed. An average defensive line in 2023 would have been enough to impact a couple of games that the Broncos lost, perhaps allowing them to make the postseason.

There could be some late-offseason cap casualties along the defensive line, and depending on how the NFL Draft goes, the Broncos could once again dive into the free agency market to add some remaining talent.