2024 Broncos 7-round mock draft: New QB by trading down?

Despite the lack of draft capital ... can the Broncos hit with their 2024 NFL Draft selections?

Bo Nix
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Round 5 - 144th overall pick: Jared Wiley, TE TCU

I tried to trade up to get Penn State's tight end Theo Johnson, who is a perfect fit for Sean Payton's offense, but in the end, I decided to not do it and instead select Jared Wiley, who is easily a top-five tight end in the class.

Denver needs a tight end, as they have not had a 600+ yards tight end since Noah Fant back in 2021, and have not had a 700+ yards tight end since Julius Thomas back in 2013.

Adam Trautman will be a free agent and it is unlikely that he will be back with the team, Greg Dulcich is talented but cannot stay healthy, so adding a tight end in the draft is a good option to add more offensive weapons. Wiley can easily get open and has shown versatility during his college career.

Round 5 - 146th overall pick: Mohamed Kamara, EDGE Colorado State

The Broncos edge rushers struggled for most of the season. Help is needed, as their pressure was very unsuccessful during the 2023 season, and many missed tackles. The Broncos could target edge rushers in free agency, and possibly early in the draft, but being able to get a talented guy like Kamara with a big upside later in the draft, would be huge for Vance Joseph. Kamara had more sacks than games played in 2023, to be specific 13 sacks in 12 games.

The Colorado connection could be there, and the Broncos met with Kamara in both the East-West Shrine Bowl and in the NFL Combine. One of the fastest guys in the edge class, to be specific, the 2nd fastest just behind Chop Robinson in the 40-yard dash.

The Buccaneers released former Bronco Shaq Barrett, who also played at Colorado State. Barrett went undrafted, but had a huge impact in Denver. Imagine if the Broncos sign Barrett once free agency opens, and draft Kamara, the past and the present from the CSU Rams playing for their state NFL team together.