2023 NFL Mock Draft: QBs fly off the board, Broncos land Matthew Bergeron

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BONUS: Broncos 4th-round pick: Riley Moss, CB, Iowa

As a bonus, let's take a look at who I picked for the Broncos in the fourth round of this 2023 NFL mock draft scenario, since the pick was so close to the top of the round. Riley Moss out of Iowa was available in this slot, and I think he makes a ton of sense given the way the Broncos have been looking so closely at versatile defensive backs.

Moss was a starter at outside cornerback for the Iowa Hawkeyes, but I think you can project him anywhere at the next level, whether that's playing outside, playing in the nickel, playing some safety, dime, and certainly playing special teams. When you talk about competitiveness and toughness, Moss has those things in spades. He knows how to fight for the ball at the catch point and he has good ball skills and instincts.

2023 NFL mock draft recap for the Broncos

67. Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota State
68. Matthew Bergeron, OT, Syracuse
108. Riley Moss, DB, Iowa

The Broncos don't exactly need to go with these three position groups with their top three picks in this draft, but these three do make a lot of sense. Although everyone seems to want a center in round three, I just don't think that you can back the team into that corner. They need to take the best players on their board and that could lead them to any number of positions.

One thing this exercise really revealed is that the depth of this class is not overly deep. There are certain guys in every round that are intriguing, but that doesn't make the class very deep as a whole. The Broncos would be wise to take advantage of the deepest position groups on their board rather than simply attack perceived needs.

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