2023 NFL mock draft: Broncos land help at CB, TE with top picks

Iowa v Minnesota
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5. Seattle Seahawks: Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

I might be the most confused about the direction the Seattle Seahawks are going with their top choice. If Tyree Wilson or Will Anderson are still on the board, I think the picture becomes a bit clearer. I don't know that Jalen Carter is a slam dunk here but maybe I'm overthinking that. The Seahawks run a good enough operation that they probably don't expect to be picking this high again next year. Why not take a shot on a QB with upside? You're basically playing with house money anyway. Richardson has the highest ceiling of any QB in this draft.

6. Detroit Lions: Jalen Carter, DL, Georgia

If there are character concerns with Jalen Carter, it might scare a team like the Lions off. They really can't afford to miss on this high of a pick with the way this team has finally started to compete. Jalen Carter presents a bit of a risk, but perhaps a worthwhile one for this Detroit team which has started to catch that winning feeling.

7. Las Vegas Raiders: Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois

I might be giving the Las Vegas Raiders a little too much credit here. I think this would be a really good pick and a really smart decision. Devon Witherspoon is aggressive, athletic, and physical. He would be a major asset to the Raiders' secondary. But regardless of whether Mike Mayock or Josh McDaniels are making picks, I think maybe we can expect something a

8. Atlanta Falcons: Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas

Are the Atlanta Falcons true believers that Desmond Ridder can be the future of the franchise? So far in their time together as head coach and GM, the combination of Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot has been extremely non-committal at QB. If the Falcons don't plan on taking a QB in this draft, then why would you not put Bijan Robinson in that backfield with Desmond Ridder and let him eat?