2023 Denver Broncos Depth Chart: Diving more into the wide receivers

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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Firmly on the outside looking in for 2023
Montrell Washington, Jalen Virgil, Brandon Johnson, Lil'Jordan Humphrey, Kendall Hinton, KJ Hamler

I think these seven players are battling for one, maybe two spots. For varying reasons, they're all on the roster bubble. The most notable name here is KJ Hamler, who was a second-round pick back in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Montrell Washington was a 2022 draft pick and made some noise last offseason, but was a disaster on the field. I think the most interesting name here is Lil'Jordan Humphrey, who began his career with Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints. Will Payton be attached to his guys to fill out the Broncos' roster? Part of me thinks so.

I don't think any of Jalen Virgil, Brandon Johnson, and Kendall Hinton will be much of a threat and I think they are as good as gone unless Denver could retain them on the practice squad.

I think the most likely candidates to make the team from this group, in order, are Lil'Jordan Humphrey, KJ Hamler, Montrell Washington.

I also think the Denver Broncos will keep six wide receivers. Seven seems like too much to me.

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