The 2023 Broncos are a massive success, regardless of playoffs

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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Clear foundation for the future

The Broncos now have a clear foundation for their future. The Broncos have found their identity as a team who will prioritize running the ball, pass in the short game, use their short game to set up deep balls to the end zone.

The Broncos have a strong offensive line with four of their starters set to come back next year, and their only starting offensive skill player set to hit the open market is tight end Adam Trautman. On the defensive side, the Broncos have embarked on an incredible and record setting in-season turnaround.

The Broncos have had some incredible play from a few young pieces who are expected to be in Denver for some time: aside from McMillian, the likes of Jonathon Cooper, Nik Bonitto, and PJ Locke. The Broncos continue to get strong play from some carryovers from previous years, including the likes of Justin Simmons, Josey Jewell, and Pat Surtain.


Overall, the mold for the Broncos is clear. If they miss the playoffs in 2023, this blueprint could be what gets them there in 2024.