2 Broncos on thin ice (& 3 stars) from shocking Week 10 win vs. Bills

Which Denver Broncos stood out for better or worse against the Bills?

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Star: Samaje Perine, RB

Samaje Perine wasn't as big of a part of the game plan running the ball against the Bills as he probably could have or maybe even should have been, but he continues to be a tremendous asset as a receiver for the Broncos.

Perine had three targets and three receptions, picking up some key yardage for the Broncos in clutch situations on some great plays that were made by quarterback Russell Wilson as well. Perine caught a pass on 3rd-and-7 and moved the chains that helped the Broncos extend what would be their final touchdown drive, and he had the 18-yard drive starter on the game-winning field goal drive.

Perine may be more involved in the gameplan against the Vikings on Sunday night.

On Thin Ice: Damarri Mathis, CB

Let's be honest here -- Damarri Mathis is probably way beyond the point of still being on "thin ice". Mathis needs to be benched on a more permanent basis, at least defensively. He was only on the field for four snaps against the Buffalo Bills defensively but on one of those snaps, he was in coverage against Bills WR Gabe Davis on a 3rd-and-16 play which Davis converted for a first down.

Unfortunately, it just seems like Mathis is going to need extended time off to clear his head or whatever needs to happen. He's not been able to work things out with more reps on the field. He's seemingly got worse and worse.


The Broncos need to put Riley Moss on the field or go out and sign another player in free agency to play at the cornerback position. Maybe it will be time to promote Art Green from the practice squad soon.

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