2 Broncos moves in 2022 looking like disasters, 1 looking much better

A couple of moves from 2022 are looking like disasters for the Denver Broncos...

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3. The Russell Wilson move is finally coming around...right?

It would be premature to say that the Russell Wilson trade has done a full 180 from what we saw last year. Wilson was undoubtedly not himself in 2022, and he dealt with a variety of issues and injuries that contributed to the worst year of his professional career.

But Russ is healthy in 2023, and he looks really good out there. Has he been perfect? I wouldn't say that, not by any stretch, but through three weeks of the 2023 season, Wilson has six touchdown passes. It took him until Week 8 last season to reach that same mark, which is wild to think about.

Wilson looks much better in terms of his overall mobility, accuracy, timing, and ability to make plays out there. I think you can attribute that to the confidence that Sean Payton has re-instilled in him as well as Russ just being healthy, playing a bit more loose, and working well within and outside of the structure of the offense.


Last year, Wilson was missing easy throws. This year, the rate at which he's doing that is down significantly. We're seeing the guy pretty much everyone thought the Broncos had traded for last year. The Broncos gave up two first-round picks to get Wilson as well as two second-round picks. There's a long way to go and the Broncos will have to win a lot more games to take away the bitter taste of giving that much up for just five wins in 20 games (so far), but it looks like we're back on track.

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