2 Broncos moves in 2022 looking like disasters, 1 looking much better

A couple of moves from 2022 are looking like disasters for the Denver Broncos...

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2. Randy Gregory signing looking like a total flop

Another move right now that is looking like a complete disaster for the Denver Broncos at this point is the signing of pass rusher Randy Gregory. Gregory looked okay in his first couple of games in 2022 with the Broncos, but suffered an injury and missed most of last season. When he returned to the field late in the season, he was clearly not 100 percent or was too rusty to make much of an impact.

In the early goings of the 2023 season, Gregory has been borderline non-existent. He's been out there for the first three weeks, but he isn't doing anything of note and the Broncos' pass rush has been horrifying.

Part of Gregory's ineffectiveness can't be his fault, though...

The Broncos basically had Von Miller begging to come back in 2022 free agency after he won the Super Bowl with the Rams. You can argue all you want that the Broncos would not have been able to afford Miller by comparison to Gregory, and that's fair, but the fact that they went out and spent big money on Randy Gregory whose career to this point has been defined by injuries and suspensions is the problem in itself.

Randy Gregory is being paid like at least an above-average pass rusher, if not an upper-tier pass rusher, and he's making little to no contributions in that regard. He's getting buried by the analytics folks out there. His pass rush win rate is horrendous.

This signing is killing the Broncos because the decision to sign Randy Gregory in free agency obviously impacted the team's ability to re-sign or even offer extensions to guys like Bradley Chubb and Dre'Mont Jones, two good draft picks from the John Elway regime that are now with other teams.