15 worst free agent signings in Denver Broncos franchise history

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It's that time of year again -- NFL Free Agency. Typically, teams that win in March (meaning, spending the most money) are not the teams that win the following February, but that's not always the case. NFL Free Agency has proven itself to be an absolutely critical piece of team building for the Denver Broncos' best teams in franchise history. You look back at the acquisition of Neil Smith in the late 90s and how much he helped that team.

How about Jake Plummer in the 2003 offseason?

Certainly, nobody can forget the Denver Broncos making arguably the greatest free agent signing of all-time when they brought in Peyton Manning in March 2012. Then came the vaunted free agency class of 2014 which included DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, Emmanuel Sanders, and TJ Ward.

Free agency has mostly been good to the Denver Broncos, but not every move has been a home run. In fact, the Denver Broncos have their share of really bad ones. Let's take a painful trip down memory lane at the 15 worst free agent pickups in Denver Broncos history.

15 worst free agent signings in Denver Broncos history

15. Randy Gregory, EDGE (2022)

It's very early to be calling Randy Gregory one of the worst free agent signings in Denver Broncos history, but he's going to have to have a monstrous year in 2023 to avoid this particular label. Coming over from the Dallas Cowboys, Gregory had a long history of injury issues and suspensions that had Broncos fans feeling a little uneasy about the move, to say the least.

The fact that the Broncos passed on a reunion with Von Miller to make this signing? Even worse. The fact that they passed on Chandler Jones and maybe even Haason Reddick to make this signing? Worse yet. The fact that this signing ultimately led to the team trading away Bradley Chubb, a younger player and frankly more complete player at the position?

This was just a bad signing all-around, especially when you think about the fact that Gregory only played in six games for the Broncos. As of right now, considering what the Broncos passed up on to sign him, the Randy Gregory signing is looking like it could make history.