10 underrated moves the Denver Broncos made in 2023 offseason

- Keeping a key assistant coach

- A trade the Broncos snuck in during the NFL Draft

- Stealing from the Chiefs

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3. Trading for TE Adam Trautman

There are more spectacular tight ends on the Denver Broncos roster than former New Orleans Saints third-round pick Adam Trautman. But the Denver Broncos' trade to acquire Trautman late on Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft could loom large for the 2023 season.

If you're in an unfamiliar country where they speak a language you don't know, what might be super helpful if not essential? A translator.

There are a variety of those on the Denver Broncos' roster but Trautman is in a rare position to be able to communicate at a variety of different spots and in pretty much every personnel package. The Broncos added a lot of guys who previously played for Sean Payton, but Trautman might be the "best" of them all.

Trautman is entering a contract year. He saw a significant uptick in usage in the passing game under Sean Payton back in 2021 when he was targeted 43 times and catching 27 passes. Like I said before, Trautman may not be spectacular in terms of his athletic makeup or dynamic abilities in the passing game, but he can do everything at the position well.

He can catch, he can block, he can line up in-line, he can split out, and he can be a translator for the other guys at this position group.