10 underrated moves the Denver Broncos made in 2023 offseason

- Keeping a key assistant coach

- A trade the Broncos snuck in during the NFL Draft

- Stealing from the Chiefs

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1. Signing TE Chris Manhertz

One of the most underrated moves the Denver Broncos made all offseason was adding Chris Manhertz. And the Broncos tried to let us know that this wasn't exactly an underrated move to them by how much they paid Manhertz.

Keep in mind, this is a player who has played 104 career games, and he has just 24 career receptions. The fact that the Broncos gave him a two-year deal worth $6 million in total money ($3.34 million in guaranteed cash) speaks volumes.

Manhertz has made over $11 million in his NFL career so far, which has included stints with the Saints, Panthers, and Jaguars. The Broncos gave him his biggest contract yet and like we said before -- this team set a goal in free agency to get more physical in the running game, and they did exactly that.

This was one of the moves that will push them toward that. Manhertz has averaged about 383 snaps played over the last three seasons, so you're not going to see him dominating playing time at this position. But when you see him out there, you're probably going to notice him doing some type of dirty work.


Manhertz is physical in the running game, but he's also extremely effective in pass protection as well. He's going to be able to help in a variety of areas including in the passing game, where he will likely slip out as an occasional weapon and catch defenses off guard.

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