10 reasons the Denver Broncos can win 10 games in 2023

The Denver Broncos 2023 season is upon us, and the team is in a great position to win double-digit games this year.

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7. QB Russell Wilson could still have something left in the tank

In fact, if you ask Sean Payton, he'd tell you the same thing. He's been very complimentary of Russell Wilson this offseason, even going as far as saying to Peter King that he'll be closer to his 2021 numbers than his 2022 numbers. Payton has also talked about how Wilson's movement skills are encouraging, along with Payton not noticing any physical difference between the 2020-2021 Wilson and the current Wilson.

All of this coming from Sean Payton could be just confidence boosters for the veteran QB, but I think Payton is being very genuine and is surely excited to see what Russell Wilson can do on the field. The offense is going to look a lot like what it did when Wilson was a Seattle Seahawk. A strong run game and play-action is what Wilson was playing in the first 10 years of his career.

The Denver Broncos ran play-action at one of the lowest rates in the NFL last year, and we'll see that number change drastically in 2023.

8. Recent evidence to indicate Broncos can breakout in 2023

The 2022 New York Giants and 2022 Jacksonville Jaguars were the two breakout teams of last year. Both franchises were much like the Broncos-- the bottom-feeders of the league starving for winning football. Well, both clubs won nine games in 2022 and each won a playoff game. It's not like the 2023 Denver Broncos winning 10 games would be some sort of major shock.

Teams in the NFL have gone from pathetically bad to pretty darn good in just one year, and it happened literally last year. I am struggling to find a legitimate reason why the Denver Broncos cannot do the same thing in 2023 that the Giants and Jags did in 2022. Tell me why they can't.