10 reasons the Denver Broncos can win 10 games in 2023

The Denver Broncos 2023 season is upon us, and the team is in a great position to win double-digit games this year.

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The Denver Broncos look to end six straight years of losing seasons in 2023, and the team is very much equipped to win double-digit games this year. The changes with the team have been obvious and substantive. Sean Payton brings a Hall of Fame resume to Broncos Country. Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey add much-needed reinforcements along the offensive line.

Vance Joseph, now in his second tenure in Denver, now brings four more years of coaching experience to the mix. The Broncos also feature studs on both sides of the ball like Russell Wilson, Javonte Williams, Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Justin Simmons, Patrick Surtain II, and other solid players like Josey Jewell, Frank Clark, Randy Gregory, Zach Allen, and DJ Jones. The 2023 Denver Broncos don't really have a glaring weakness on their roster.

The direction of the team is trending up, and there is reason to believe this team can win double-digit games this year and make the postseason. Let's highlight 10 reasons why the Denver Broncos can win 10 games in the 2023 NFL season.

10 reasons why the Denver Broncos win 10 games in the 2023 NFL season

1. The Broncos have a very good head coach

The first reason is pretty simple. Sean Payton is a very good NFL head coach. He's won over 60% of regular season games and he has a winning record as a head coach in the postseason. In fact, his regular-season winning percentage of .631 translates to 10.72 wins per 17-game season. So, Payton is theoretically winning 11 games per year in a 17-game season.

There's reason to believe he can do that with the Denver Broncos in 2013. He's won at least 11 games a whopping eight times during his head coaching career, which is absolutely insane, and Payton has enacted immediate turnarounds as head coach, which brings me to the second reason why the Broncos win 10 games in 2023.

2. Sean Payton won 10 games in his first year as an NFL head coach

The 2005 New Orleans Saints went 3-13 in the regular season. The 2006 New Orleans Saints, which was Sean Payton's first year, went 10-6 in the regular season. He has evidence of being a coach who can get immediate results, and I don't see how the Denver Broncos would be any different. Sure, there are so many variables that are different from 2006 than 2023, but man, what else would you need to see from Payton if you are even a little bit skeptical of him?

Payton's no-nonsense attitude is going to have an immediate impact on this team, which has cycled through a few failed head coaches since Gary Kubiak stepped down after the 2016 NFL season. Sean Payton is the right man for this job and team.