10 players who looked weird in a Denver Broncos uniform

The Denver Broncos have had some big-name players on their roster through the years who simply looked weird in the team's uniform.
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10 players who look weird in a Denver Broncos uniform

5. Mark Sanchez, QB (2016)

Somewhat similar to the Joe Flacco trade in 2019, the Denver Broncos completely wasted everyone's time by trading for Mark Sanchez in the 2016 offseason. Thankfully, it didn't end up costing them any actual draft capital as there were conditions in the Sanchez trade protecting the Broncos if he didn't even make the roster that year.

Which he didn't.

Mark Sanchez, Denver Broncos
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The former first-round pick out of USC spent one offseason in Denver and all he really did was make it abundantly clear to head coach Gary Kubiak that 2015 7th-round pick Trevor Siemian was the best option he had to lead a team that had just won the Super Bowl a few months prior.

6. Vernon Davis, TE (2015)

Many people were expecting the Denver Broncos to make a big trade for offensive tackle Joe Thomas during the 2015 season. Although that trade actually came close to happening, the one trade that did happen during the Denver Broncos' 2015 Super Bowl run was a trade for tight end Vernon Davis.

The Broncos needed really any jolt they could get offensively, and Vernon Davis was at least a super-athletic option at the tight end spot to add to the mix. He was a former Pro Bowl tight end with the 49ers who ended up playing 12 total games and winning a ring with the Broncos, but he made absolutely zero contribution in the playoffs.

Vernon Davis, Denver Broncos
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He caught 20 passes as a member of the Broncos, but was probably more known from the fan base for dropping passes than anything else.