10 options to be Denver Broncos quarterback in 2024 season

The Denver Broncos could be on the brink of another quarterback carousel if Russell Wilson doesn't figure things out in 2023. Who will be the team's QB in 2024?
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Denver Broncos 2024 QB option no. 4: Jameis Winston

When Sean Payton says that he had the chance to potentially go and get some quarterbacks that he's worked with or is familiar with, you've got to think that Jameis Winston is one of the guys he was talking about.

As the time for Drew Brees' retirement drew near in New Orleans, the Saints began work on finding options for the future beyond Brees, and Winston was the guy they brought in as the heir apparent. It was one of just a number of roads Sean Payton and his staff could have gone down that year (2020), but to Payton, it was enticing to have a relatively recent former no. 1 overall pick in the fold.

Winston, of course, was the top pick of the 2015 NFL Draft and had just finished his rookie deal with Tampa Bay at the time. By the time the 2021 season had rolled around, Drew Brees was retired and the Saints moved on to Jameis. Winston was on pace for 50 touchdown passes through the first seven games of the season before suffering a season-ending ACL injury.

That ACL injury derailed potentially the best year of Winston's career and certainly his most efficient year yet.

Winston is once again a free agent in 2024, and could be an option for the Denver Broncos if they have to turn away from Russell Wilson after the season.