10 most devastating Denver Broncos moments since 2010

Are these the most brutal and devastating Broncos moments since 2010?
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2. The Super Bowl 48 loss

This one was brutal, and you could argue it should be No. 1 on this list. Super Bowl 48 was a tough watch, as the best offense in NFL history went up against the best defense in NFL history, argubaly. It wasn't even close, and the first snap that flew over Peyton Manning's head should foretold what would happen in that game.

This was the second year of the Manning era, and it ended in a heart-breaking way.

1. Rahim Moore

Need I say 'moore?' The Rahim Moore play is well-documented within Broncos Country, and it essentially ended the best overall Denver Broncos team in quite some time. It was 2012, the first year that Peyton Manning was in Denver, and the Broncos were a force on both sides of the ball. However, an out of place Moore was the dagger in what should have been a longer season for the Broncos, and it's easily the most devastating Broncos moment in recent memory.