10 most devastating Denver Broncos moments since 2010

Are these the most brutal and devastating Broncos moments since 2010?
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4. Hiring Nathaniel Hackett

Nathaniel Hackett being hired was a huge, historic misstep by the Denver Broncos. He became one of just a handful of others in NFL history to get fired during his first season as head coach. There was truly nothing positive to take from this hire, and GM George Paton was clearly duped big-time by Hackett, who rode the coattails of Aaron Rodgers for a couple of years in Green Bay before landing a HC job with the Broncos.

3. Trading for Russell Wilson

I think we all had high hopes for Russell Wilson in the orange and blue, but two years and 30 career starts for the Denver Broncos yielded just 11 wins. Wilson was abysmal in 2022, but many people put most of the blame, rightly, on Nathaniel Hackett. However, while Wilson was better in 2023, he was clearly still a bit of a liability out there, and this brief, two-year era really set the Denver Broncos back a good bit.