10 most devastating Denver Broncos moments since 2010

Are these the most brutal and devastating Broncos moments since 2010?
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6. Swinging and missing on Paxton Lynch

Paxton Lynch was seen as one of the best QB prospects in the 2016 class, and the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos decided to trade up a few picks to land Lynch, who never showed anything close to being a franchise passer. Paxton Lynch is still just 30 years old, so had Denver hit on Lynch, he'd likely still be QB'ing the Denver Broncos, and the post-Manning QB blues would have never, ever happened.

5. Losing 70-20 to the Miami Dolphins during the 2023 season

Just brutal. I remember watching this game with my lovely fiancé, and even she, as someone who was very new to football at the time, knew something was terribly wrong with the Denver Broncos. At one point, I made the decision to keep the game on an endure it just to see how badly Denver could lose.

The Dolphins did have a chance to set the all-time scoring record for one game, but they opted to not push for that. The Broncos defense was at rock-bottom at this point in the season, and I don't think anyone could have predicted the massive turnaround the unit and team would make in the coming weeks.