10 most devastating Denver Broncos moments since 2010

Are these the most brutal and devastating Broncos moments since 2010?
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The Denver Broncos have had to endure their share of downright devastating moments over the last decade or so. Are these the 10 most brutal Broncos moments since then? Well, a couple should at least stick out as being the worst of all, but there are still many more moments in recent Broncos history that left the fanbase beside themselves.

Over the years, the Broncos have had to deal with QB turnover, inept offenses, and just overall bad teams. Well, this has caused a ton of devastating moments in the team's recent history, and here are the 10 most brutal ones.

10 most devastating Denver Broncos moments since 2010

10. Various late-game losses in 2019

The 2019 Denver Broncos were closer to making the playoffs than you probably think, and a slew of late-game losses were just daggers straight to the heart. Two close losses at home to the Bears and the Jaguars contributed to Denver's 0-4 start in 2019.

The team also had another tough loss several weeks later to the Indianapolis Colts, and the up and down game versus the Vikings in Minnesota was perhaps the most brutal of them all, as Denver started that game with a massive lead. Four tough losses could have totally flipped the Denver Broncos season. They finished 7-9 on the year, but had they been able to just split these four losses, they'd have gone 9-7 and could have squeaked into the playoffs in Vic Fangio's first year as head coach.

9. Von Miller's ACL tear in 2013

Von Miller tore his ACL late in the 2013 NFL Season, and you never know, having Miller in the lineup could have been a huge difference in Super Bowl 48 for the Denver Broncos. This game after Miller spent the first chunk of the year suspended, so 2013 was a season to forget for the future Hall of Fame pass rusher.