10 more moves the Denver Broncos should make before the 2024 NFL Season

The Denver Broncos should make more moves.
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4. Cut QB Jarrett Stidham

The Denver Broncos have no need for Jarrett Stidham on this roster. In this case, the newly-acquired Zach Wilson would be the QB2. And while that may sound a bit scary, I personally trust Sean Payton to mold Wilson into a competent backup. Obviously, Wilson has a much higher ceiling than Stidham and is a few years younger.

Denver can gain some modest savings and also have a clear QB room in place with Bo Nix as the starter.

5. Extend DJ Jones at a much lesser number

The Denver Broncos have not cut DJ Jones even though many thought that's one move Denver would have made earlier this offseason. He's got one more year left on his deal and no remaining guaranteed money. At this point, I think we can pretty definitively say that Jones is an average starter in this league.

Well, what would the harm be in extending him for another couple of years at a lesser number? I think there is still value for Jones on this roster even though I have advocated for cutting him. It could make sense for both sides, as the Broncos DL could look a lot different in just one year.

6. Make Bo Nix QB1 as soon as possible

As. Soon. As. Possible. The Denver Broncos did not draft their third-ranked QB and 24 year old rookie passer to sit him for year one. There is no reason to not formally announce Nix as the starter as soon as possible. He's easily the most talented QB on the roster and should be able to earn the job quickly. I also think doing this has huge symbolic meaning as the start of a new and fresh era for the Denver Broncos.

7. Trade Courtland Sutton if 3rd-round pick can be acquired

Why not? Courtland Sutton is under contract through two more seasons for the Denver Broncos and has been absence thus far in the short offseason. It's clearly about his contract, as he's got $2 million left on his deal, which isn't ideal for Sutton, who is coming off of a 10 touchdown season. Sutton isn't going to rack up the yards, but he's good for the big play.

With Denver adding both Troy Franklin and Josh Reynolds at wide receiver this offseason, Sutton could be expendable. If there is a team out there who would offer a third-round pick for Sutton's services, the Denver Broncos should make the deal.

But anything less, the team should work something out.