10 former Broncos who failed miserably on other teams in 2023

Which former Denver Broncos were not good after leaving the Mile High City?

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7. Billy Turner, OL, Jets

In a completely unsurprising development, former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Billy Turner was one of the most outspoken folks after Sean Payton's now-infamous comments about Nathaniel Hackett and the 2022 Broncos came to light in a USA Today article.

Turner was on a second stint in Denver in 2022 as he followed Nathaniel Hackett, his offensive coordinator with the Green Bay Packers from 2019-21. Turner wasn't able to make much of an impact in Denver in 2022, although the opportunity was certainly there with a revolving door at both tackle and guard positions almost all season.

Unfortunately, he didn't add any real value.

And he didn't add any real value to the Jets blocking anyone except Nathaniel Hackett on social media. He called Sean Payton a "F***ing Bum" on his Instagram page and ended up not being able to back up his comments when actually asked to play ball.

Turner had a bounce-back game in early December, but then suffered a setback in Week 15, allowing another trio of pressures in one of his 14 games played (2 starts).