10 former Broncos who failed miserably on other teams in 2023

Which former Denver Broncos were not good after leaving the Mile High City?

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6. Dre'Mont Jones, DL, Seahawks

Dre'Mont Jones just couldn't wait to leave Denver at the end of last season, and really even before that. People could see the writing on the wall with Jones when he spoke out after the Bradley Chubb trade, a move that really didn't sit well with him.

The Broncos quickly pivoted to Zach Allen, who statistically was way better than Jones in 2023, but Jones found greener pastures in Seattle.

Or so he thought...

Jones had a career-best 12 QB hits in 2023, along with 4.5 total sacks, but Seahawks fans have been wondering out loud on Twitter whether or not the team can get out of his contract after just one season. Jones was bad enough -- and Seattle's run defense was bad enough all year -- that the team made a blockbuster move to acquire Leonard Williams from the Giants at the trade deadline.

And Jones's snaps diminished in the middle of the season before getting ramped up again late in the season, but it was a bad first year for him in Seattle which could result in the Seahawks moving on rather quickly. Seattle fans were lamenting the loss of Shelby Harris, if that tells you anything.

Harris is a good player, but the team spent a lot of money to get Dre'Mont Jones, and it might be a bust.