10 Broncos players who will not be back next season

Which Denver Broncos players (and coaches) are gone in 2024?

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5. K'Waun Williams, CB

The Denver Broncos signed veteran slot cornerback K'Waun Williams to a two-year deal in the 2022 offseason, but he's unfortunately had to miss the entire 2023 season due to injury.

And that was after he battled through injuries in the 2022 season in order to play a significant role in Denver's defense.

Williams has been a really good nickel defensive back throughout the course of his entire NFL career, but his time in Denver will come to an end in 2024. Thankfully, for the Broncos' sake, it's for good reason. The Broncos have discovered their nickel corner going forward in Ja'Quan McMillian, who looks to be a fixture of the defense heading into 2024.

McMillian hasn't been perfect, especially lately, but he's made so many plays this season since replacing Essang Bassey in the slot. Whether we're talking about run support, pass rush, creating turnovers, or just playing great coverage in general, McMillian has really shown it all in 2023. He will be someone the Broncos can be excited about moving forward in the secondary and a building block for that group.