10 bold Denver Broncos predictions for the 2024 NFL offseason

Let's make 10 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos 2024 offseason!

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9. The Denver Broncos sign Jimmy Garoppolo

I think the Las Vegas Raiders are prepared to cut Jimmy Garoppolo in 2024. The regime that signed him in 2023 is no longer there, and there is no way the new regime would keep him on his current contract. Garoppolo is the best a team could get for a backup QB. He's won a ton of games in the NFL, most of them with Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers.

He's also played in playoff games and has appeared in a Super Bowl. Garoppolo is an accurate passer who fits what Sean Payton wants to do on offense, so I think he would run the offense more efficiently than Russell Wilson did. Garoppolo gets the ball out quickly and knows where his best players are at all times.

Jimmy G also seems to be very liked by his teammates, and I think he'd be the perfect bridge QB for a rookie, and that rookie would be Bo Nix in my opinion. The one weird benefit of having Garoppolo is his injury concerns. Garoppolo does not always stay healthy, and I think that could end up giving the hypothetical rookie QB an early shot.

An injury might force Garoppolo out of the lineup at some point during the year, and that could pave the way for the rookie to get his first action, and you never know, maybe said rookie ends up being really good. Just look at what happened with the Los Angeles Chargers back in 2020. They were starting Tyrod Taylor, but a freak injury from a member of their staff forced Herbert into the lineup a lot quicker than I'm sure they wanted.

Well, Herbert ended up being very good and clearly did not need to sit behind Tyrod Taylor, so in a way, Taylor's injury benefitted the franchise. I think the same could happen with Jimmy Garoppolo.