10 bold Denver Broncos predictions for the 2024 NFL offseason

Let's make 10 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos 2024 offseason!

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8. The Denver Broncos draft Bo Nix in 2024

I am not a draft guru. However, there are certain voices in the NFL landscape that I trust, and when I read what they have to say, I keep thinking that Bo Nix would be a perfect fit for the Denver Broncos in 2024. He's won a ton of games at the college level, he's thrown for a ton of yards and has been a starter in college for years.

He's a fine athlete and does well what Sean Payton's offense calls for. Frankly, I think he could be a homerun in Denver. Bo Nix played his college ball at Oregon and Auburn and will surely be no less than a second-round pick in 2024. Well, I think the Broncos are going to make him a first-round pick when they select in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Denver might be able to get away with trading down and still landing Nix. They could stand pat with their 12th overall selection and still get him, in all likelihood. However they do it, Bo Nix is going to be wearing the orange and blue in 2024, and I think he will be paired with a bridge QB not named Jarrett Stidham...